Best Chocolates list in the World

Best Chocolates in the World 2021

Since we were children, it has become the greatest temptation for many and it is increasingly difficult for us to resist its taste. For the chocolate addicts who can’t help but enjoy this delight, we present the ten places in the world where the best chocolate is found.

Guylian Belgian Chocolates, Belgium. It was founded in 1958 and the name is the result of the union of the names of its founder and his wife. Currently owned by a Japanese company called Lotte Confectionery. Despite the change in ownership, the Korean company is highly committed to original quality standards, which keeps it among the best chocolates in the world.

Guylian Opus Luxury Assortment Belgian Chocolates

At the Saint-Niklaas factory, Guylian bonbon is still prepared according to the traditional recipe of the Foubert couple. The hazelnuts, chosen according to a very precise size from the best harvests of the Mediterranean basin, are roasted and caramelized in copper pots under the watchful eye of the master chocolatier.

  • Chocolatería San Ginés, Madrid. In the heart of the capital, in the Pasadizo de San Ginés, you can enjoy the famous chocolate with churros from this emblematic place founded in 1894. For those who want to end the night with a good taste in their mouths, the chocolate shop is open until the wee hours of the dawn.
  • Cioccolato broth, in Turin (Italy). For these dates when winter turns colder, do not hesitate to take a trip to the Italian city to savor its classic hot chocolate. The best time? In February, during the celebration of the chocolate festival: the Cioccola-Tò.
  • Valrhona Chocolat, in Tain l’Hermitag (France). The chocolate par excellence. In Valrhona you can taste different types of chocolate, from classic black to white. Its success has been such that, in addition to France, you can enjoy its chocolates in your own home thanks to its online store.
  • River Café, London. One of the best restaurants in the capital has also wanted to pay its particular tribute to chocolate and has created a dessert called Chocolate Nemesis cake, a cake that has become a success. In addition, in London you can enjoy the Chocolate Ecstasy Tour, where you will see the best stores for this product.
  • Chocolate Hotel, Bournemouth (England). And we are still in England, this time in the seaside town of Bournemouth. In it you will find the Chocolate Hotel, an accommodation where you will live surrounded by chocolate on all four sides.
  • Sacher cake, Vienna (Austria). If you are a true lover of chocolate, surely you know the traditional Sacher cake. If you want to treat yourself and try the original, you will have to travel beyond our borders, specifically to Vienna, yes, it will be worth it. At the Sacher Hotel you can enjoy the exceptional taste of authentic Australian Sacher cake.

Although in Europe we can boast of having the best chocolate shops in the world, on the other side of the pond we also find places that have little to envy.

  • The chocolate of the Mayas, in Tabasco (Mexico). Their predictions about the end of the world were not right, but they did manage to create a unique chocolate with a very original flavor. This type of Mexican chocolate maintains the essence of its flavor, but adds a spicy touch.
  • Chocolate buffet, Vancouver (Canada). One of Condé Nast Traveler’s favorite accommodations, which always places it on its Gold List of the best hotels, The Sutton place Hotel Vancouver, in addition to its excellent service and facilities, is known for its free chocolate buffet, a paradise for travelers. addicted to this temptation.
  • Magnolia Bakery, New York, USA. In the city of skyscrapers you can find everything, and you could not miss the best offer of chocolates. For the sweetest, Mangnolia Bakery makes its products by hand and among its favorites you will find the latest in pastry: cupcakes.
  • Jacques Torres Chocolat, New York, USA. With five stores in New York, Jacques Torres Chocolat looks like a small European chocolate shop. The tables invite the interns to sit down and have a good hot chocolate accompanied by a traditional French bread au chocolat.

And after enjoying these delicacies, not bringing a box of artisan chocolates home will be next to impossible.

  • Vosges Haut-Chocolat, Chicago, USA. The Vosges Haut-Chocolat is the biggest hit in Chicago. This is because chocolate mistress Katrina Markoff preciously chooses and cares for every ingredient used to prepare her fine chocolates.

She studied at the Cordo Bleu gastronomic institute in Paris and gathered influences from all over the world. These influences are combined in chocolates and truffles, which can use products such as vanilla from Mexico or dulce de leche from Argentina.

  • Max Brenner, New York, USA. And in the city that never sleeps, we also suggest another place to go in search of the best chocolate. On this occasion, it goes beyond chocolate as a flavor and becomes a new culture. In their online store they offer a wide variety of types of chocolate with a careful presentation, perfect for gifts.
  • Norman Love Confections, Fort Mayers, United States. Norman Love, the Norman Love Confections dress, developed a technique in which fine chocolates imported from Belgium, France and Switzerland are hand painted and complemented with fresh ingredients such as; bananas, strawberries and chestnuts. The products are impressive both visually and on the palate.
  • Teoscher, Zurich, Switzerland. With more than 70 years of history, the Teoscher chocolate shop in Zurich started in a small village in the Swiss Alps. The house is the representation of the best in the production of chocolate in Switzerland. Made with premium ingredients, Teoscher products love chocolates.
  • Godiva Chocolatier, Brussels, Belgium. The Godiva Chocolatier emerged in Brussels, the capital of Belgium and one of the world capitals of chocolate. Over the years, combining the art of making good chocolate with the commercial beacon, the brand has become one of the most famous on the planet, having stores around the world.

And the chocolate is so good that it was named as the official supplier of the royal family of Belgium.

  • Côte d’Or, Brussels, Belgium. On April 24, 1883, Charles Neuhaus registered the Côte d’Or trademark. Thus, a Belgian icon was born. The first Côte d’Or chocolate was made from cocoa beans from the Gold Coast, present-day Ghana, and was associated with the well-known elephant logo. The first tablet was created in 1911. Since its inception, the variety of chocolate bars has grown to become an assortment that includes dozens of new products and flavors. From the Mignonnette, the Bouchée, the Chokotoff, the biscuit bars or the launch in 1990 of the Sensations range, chocolate with an intense flavor for the big fans of this sweet, which includes the Noir de Noir chocolate, the Noir Intense and the Noir Brut. All of these chocolate delicacies come from Côte d’Or’s expertise and passion for chocolate. The reasons for its success are obvious: avant-garde craftsmanship, fidelity to an intense and unique flavor, and the original recipe (high cocoa content combined with an impeccable and homogeneous quality of the beans), as well as a constant search for new ideas and successful product innovations. And last but not least: the Mondelez International group’s respect for Belgian know-how has ensured that the quality of Côte d’Or chocolate is maintained and recognized internationally.
  • Leonidas, Brussels, Belgium. Generosity, freshness and “making pralines available to everyone” make up Leonidas’ philosophy. For more than a hundred years, Leonidas has allowed the world to enjoy the generosity of its magnificent chocolates, with an assortment of more than a hundred different varieties, in stores around the world. Leonidas guarantees the freshness and quality of its chocolates, which are made with traditional methods using only the best ingredients. For the topping, only pure cocoa butter is used, along with 100% natural ingredients. All other components are also carefully chosen. Based on his philosophy of “making pralines available to everyone”, Leonidas continues to create original and gourmet products with a spirit of togetherness, closeness and generosity.
  • Mary, Brussels, Belgium. In 1919, chocolate lover Mary Delluc opened a business in Brussels that was destined to become Mary’s chocolate shop. He was looking for excellence and quality, a goal that later became a legacy. Mary’s main concern may be the quality of the raw materials and the chocolates produced, but her extraordinary refinement is also reflected in the way they present their products, from the boxes of chocolates to the shop windows. It was in 1942 that Mary first received the title of “Patented supplier of the Court of Belgium”, a title that she received again in 1990 and 1994.
  • Neuhaus, Brussels, Belgium. Neuhaus works with high quality ingredients and has more than 155 years of experience and artisan know-how. Luxurious gift boxes make your creations a pleasure to both gift and receive. When Jean Neuhaus arrived in Brussels in 1857, he opened his apothecary in the prestigious Queen’s Gallery. To make the taste of his medicines more pleasant, he covered them with a layer of chocolate. His grandson, Jean Neuhaus Junior, who inherited his passion for chocolate, had the idea of ​​replacing the medicine inside with delicious fillings and thus, in 1912, he invented the first “praline” or filled bonbon. A few years later, Jean Neuhaus Junior’s wife invented the ballotin box, an elegant packaging that turned chocolate into a luxurious gift. Jean Neuhaus’s passion for chocolate is still very much present in the wide range of Neuhaus chocolates. Each praline has its own shape, flavor, and name. All Neuhaus chocolates are made in their chocolate workshops in Brussels, Belgium.
  • Galler, Brussels, Belgium. Jean Galler began working in his grandfather’s confectionery in the 1930s, which inspired his passion for creating desserts. At 16, Galler slowly began to experiment, trying new things and making new chocolate creations. To deepen his knowledge, he studied in Basel (Switzerland), then in Paris, and finally, at the age of 21, made his dream come true. He opened his own chocolate factory in Liège. One of his most in-demand Galler items is his chocolate bars. They are sold in packages and come in 22 different flavors.
  • Pierre Marcolini, Brussels, Belgium. This Maison de Haute Chocolaterie was created in 1995 in Brussels. Pierre Marcolini is one of the most famous chocolatiers in Belgium, with establishments in Belgium, London, Paris and Japan. What makes his job so special is that he buys raw cacao beans, directly from the best local producers, and transforms them into chocolate in his own workshop. He believes that drinking incredible chocolate is like drinking good wine, which is why the origin of the cocoa beans is so important. The prices may be high, but the chocolate is worth it.
  • Leonidas, Brussels, Belgium. For more than 100 years, Leonidas has been distributing its carefully crafted chocolates, offering an assortment of more than 100 varieties in stores around the world. Leonidas offers a wide and exclusive assortment of Belgian chocolate, bonbons, truffles, orange peel and marzipan. The special feature of Leonidas chocolates is that they use pure cocoa butter for the coating and 100% natural ingredients.
  • Belvas, Brussels, Belgium. It is one of the first organic chocolate manufacturers in Northern Europe. The exquisite Belvas chocolate is special for being 100% organic, they come from fair trade, they are gluten-free and even sugar-free. Don’t be fooled by the healthy ingredients though, it’s just as good as any other chocolate. The Belvas logo shows two hands holding each other, symbolizing the cooperation between the north and south of Belgium. The company was created in 2005 when Belvas purchased the original Devas chocolate maker and transformed the company into the brand we know today.
  • Wittamer, Brussels, Belgium. The Wittamer family was the first to open a “modern bakery” in Sablon, Brussels, almost 100 years ago. Wittamer received the title of certificate holder of the Royal Order of Belgium, because the shop owners designed and created the wedding cake for King Philip and Queen Mathilde of Belgium. You could say that it was his “great opportunity”, since from then on, his brand became famous all over the world. Wittamer is constantly remembered for daring to explore new creative flavors.

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